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Welcome to the Teen Phalanx!

We are a moderate-to-heavy roleplay supergroup based in City of Heroes (but currently found in Champions Online), and open to all who are looking for a friendly, respectful, teen-focused RP environment.

The Teen Phalanx is a tight-knit group based primarily on the stories, characters, day to day struggles and heroics of the young members and residents of Millennium City.

In the spirit of keeping this community one that all of our members can enjoy, we ask that all of our members read, understand, and agree to the listed in and out of character rules and tenets.

Questions about the Teen Phalanx? Interested in applying?
Introduce yourself in our Guest Forum, or contact one of our Officers:
Macy Wu Lyn@frostfirefans (Macy), Brand X@joybuzzer (BrandX), Axel Donarson @grembain (Insulator), Trina talseras v. (Seras)Emiline@HagiaSophia (Emiline) in-game!